Mrs. Eales Compleat Confectioner

Autor: Mrs. Mary Eales Datierung: 1718-1742
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The Compleat Confectioner; or, the Art of Candying and Preserving in its Utmost Perfection. By the late Mrs. Eales, Confectioner to King William and Queen Ann. The Third Edition. To which is added, A Second Part: containing a Curious Collection of Receipts in Cookery, Pickling, Family Physick, &c. with the best and cheapest Methods of Brewing all Sorts of Malt Liquors, and preparing sundry Kinds of excellent Made Wines, not inferior to the best FRENCH; likewise many other pleasant and wholsome Drinks, made from our ENGLISH FRUITS, as cheap as common Small Beer. London 1742


Anm.: Die Erstausgabe stammt aus dem Jahr 1718 (Mrs. Eales’s Receipts); weitere folgten unter neuem Namen 1733 und 1742.


Erster Teil: Die ursprünglichen Rezepte aus Mrs. Eales’s Receipts (100 Seiten).
Zweiter Teil: A Curious Collection of Receipts in Cookery, Pickling, Family Physic, &c. (103 Seiten)


Transkription: Marlene Ernst